2015 Alfa Romeo 8C

2015 Alfa Romeo 8C photo - 1

2015 Alfa Romeo 8C photo - 2

The term «limited edition», makes every car look better, as it does for the newly launched 2015 Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. This specific model will not be manufactured beyond the mark of 500 units, which is enough for the arousal of cravings for this car for everyone. There will be a few upcoming 8C models, but Spider packs a powerful 4.7 liter V-8 engine producing a silent roar on the deserted streets, which makes it the hottest trending car of this upcoming season.

Interior of this car is as overwhelming as its exterior. Its interior seats are carved out of Recaro leather which compliments the distinctive artisan-ship structured within. Also it has, automatic climate control, driver assist and many other features which are commonly found in other competitive sports cars. This car holds shivering stunning looks which completely blends in with its stunning convertible feature. The tail-lamp may be a bit similar to one of the Ferrari’s, but overall, the car makes quite an impression. Though the price of 300,000$ may seem a bit high for Spider, but the «limited edition» title, totally makes up for the price.

In short, the car is much beyond stylish and adorable, than it sounds, and gives a sheer driving pleasure you could ever enjoy in a great sports car.

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