2015 Alfa Romeo Brera

2015 Alfa Romeo Brera photo - 1

2015 Alfa Romeo Brera photo - 2

A stateside might think that 2015 Alfa Romeo Brera is a pretty doll. You might even wipe a drop of drool from your lips looking at a model of it. You might even be praying in church for its arrival at your door steps. But the unmitigated beauty of the new car Alfa Romeo Brera should be seen in the metal to be appreciated.

This car will soon be available in the market with a new Alfa Romeo 750 TBi engine, and beside the outstandingly better performance and economy offered by the engine, including 20-inch alloy wheels, automatic door mirrors and front seats and an interior polished with fine and smooth Pieno Fiore leather, this is perhaps one of the best cars available in the market today.

Armed with the latest 750 TBi engine, its top speed is improved from 222 km/h to 240 km/h. The considerable gain in energy efficiency is achieved with an ultra modern ignition control system which includes a revolutionary fuel injection and turbocharger. Jeremy Clarkson was right when he called it the Angelina Jolie of cars. Its price will not be more than $45,000.

Hope you have enjoyed reading, it was really an odd review of the car though.

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