2015 Bentley Grand Convertible

2015 Bentley Grand Convertible photo - 1

2015 Bentley Grand Convertible photo - 2

The luxurious 2015 Bentley Grand Convertible is out with unrivaled features that makes it one of the top performers in the auto market. It is going to be powered with a 6.75 liters V8 turbocharged engine capable of producing up to 530 horsepower and 811 l-b torque. It exterior design is similar to the Mulsanne Speed in terms of headlight, grille and bumper. The top can be opened hence one of the best touring car models around. The lighted hues, high quality seats that are enclosed in leather and diamond doors render it a five star worth car model.

Grand Convertible is expected to come with price tag of above $340,000 depending on the trim level. Those who have come forth with a review say that this auto piece is quite sporty and performs well than the previous model. It’s passenger space is suitable to accommodate a full family outing of five. It is going to be amazing new car aggressive new features.

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