2015 BMW i3

Photo 2015 BMW i3

The dream car has landed, it is no other than the new 2015 BMW i3 which has all the best features you would wish for a car in this revolutionized generation.

Now in the market, the plug-in model BMW first electric car has been in store just for the right buyers and amount.

Here is the inside look at the new 2015 BMW i3.

MSRP: $42,400 — $46,250

Invoice: $39,510 — $43,050


Interior and Exterior

From the outside the BMW i3 is definitely a fancy car, the side and front are very distinctive with very curvy features.

The allure rims and the 19-inch wheels are high enough to classify BMW i3 as the latest SUV, the rear is a clustered intersection of straight lines and curves.

There is a variety of desired colors to choose from grey to red and many other colors.

The interior is different from other BMW you have seen before, the inside is very spacious very comfortable just like in your own living room,

BMW i3 has a wider central display screen that is controlled by iDrive console knob; there is an added screen behind the steering wheel acting as the dashboard.

The leather seats are complimented by tanned leather upholstery that blends with contrasting stitching of the rear seats, the simple but elegant interior is decorated with novel material that is attractive.


BMW i3 comes with satellite radio, heated front seats and DC fast charging capabilities, there are no mechanical changes from the previous models but use 170 horsepower powered by 22 Kw lithium-ion battery.

The smooth take off is attributed by electric motor placed just at the center of the rare wheels producing 184 lb-ft of torque.


I3 models body is made of carbon fiber reinforced with plastic; the whole body shell is mounted on an aluminum platform,

The aluminum platform absorbs the crash energy by holding the battery, the body shell, electronics, the car motor and passenger compartment in case of an accident.

New car 2015 BMW i3 also has traction control, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability and tire pressure monitoring, which also includes rear view camera, fitted with perking sensors.

BMW i3 comes with six air bags, which also includes a new dashboard and side airbags at the front for the driver and front passenger.

Engine and Fuel Economy

I3 models have in built charger that is capable of running 7.4 Kw where the engine is capable to accelerate up to 93 mph.

The 2015 BMW i3 has a very tiny tank that can hold up to 2 gallons; this is just in case the driver prefers to use other means of fuel.

The fuel and the charge are efficient to run the BMW on the city highway where there is heavy traffic.

2015 BMW i3 is the most efficient electric car with a fair price range $42,000 where you are guaranteed to save on fuel.


4dr HB

 Transmission:  Automatic
 Drivetrain:  Rear Wheel Drive
 MPG:  N/A
 Engine:  Electric
 Horsepower:  170
 Torque:  184


4dr HB w/Range Extender

 Transmission:  Automatic
 Drivetrain:  Rear Wheel Drive
 MPG:  N/A
 Engine:  Electric/Gas 39.5 Cu.in. Range Extender
 Horsepower:  170
 Torque:  184 39.5 Cu.in. Range Extender


Photo Review 2015 BMW i3

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