2015 BMW M6

2015 BMW M6 photo - 1

2015 BMW M6 photo - 2

The new 2015 BMW M6 has arrived. With the price set at a little over $115K, BMW lovers will be hard pressed to stay away. In my review of the new car, I see this high performance version of the 6 series turning heads soon. M6 models have an everlasting popularity and with the features of this addition, they are sure to be sought after in the automotive world.

With a choice of manual or automatic transmission, this new car comes with a 7-speed auto-shift manual with overdrive and auto-manual 6-speed manual with overdrive.

The new 2015 BMW M6 is available in coupe, convertible or a coupe-like four door. The interior options include leather upholstery, leather steering wheel, power driver seat, heated seats, front arm rest, genuine wood console and dashboard inset and so much more. The 2015 BMW M6 has a 560-hp, turbocharged V-8 standard in every vehicle. Gas mileage averages 14/mpg in the city and 20/mpg on the highway. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also available.

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