2015 BMW X6

2015 BMW X6 photo - 1

2015 BMW X6 photo - 2

The 2015 BMW X6 is reshaped and redesigned to cater for its new features. The new car 2015 BMW X6 looks similar to the 2014 model. The X6 models have new sheet metal, and they are wider, taller and slightly longer than their predecessors. BMW X6 interior is updated with better features that include the standardized five-passenger seating. According to current reviews, the new car 2015 BMW X6 have a wealth of modern electronic features and more room for rear passengers.

The X6 models engine is V8 and is capable of producing up to 445 horsepower. It has a rear wheel driver thus suitable for those who don’t require the all-wheel drive. The six-cylinder 2015 BMW X6 also has better fuel economy. The starting price of the BMW X6 models is around $103,050.

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