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The new car 2016 acura MDX is the latest in the MDX models.Despite having no alterations in styling from the preceding MDX models, the 2016 Acura MDX will bring to the market appealing features, all detailed in this review, that will definitely catch your attention and admiration.


Prices for modification 2016 Acura MDX

 2016 MDX  $42,865
 2016 MDX with AcuraWatch Plus  $44,365
 2016 MDX with Technology Package  $47,290
 2016 MDX with Technology and AcuraWatch Plus  Packages  $48,490
 2016 MDX with Technology, Entertainment and  AcuraWatch Plus Packages  $49,290
 2016 MDX with Technology, Entertainment and AcuraWatch Plus Packages  $50,490
 2016 MDX with Advance Package  $53,080
 2016 MDX with Advance and Entertainment Packages  $55,080
 2016 MDX SH-AWD  $44,865
 2016 MDX SH-AWD with AcuraWatch Plus  $46,365
 2016 MDX SH-AWD with Technology Package  $49,290
 2016 MDX SH-AWD with Technology and AcuraWatch  Plus Packages  $50,490
 2016 MDX SH-AWD with Technology and Entertainment  Packages  $51,290
 2016 MDX SH-AWD with Technology, Entertainment and  AcuraWatch Plus Packages  $52,490
 2016 MDX SH-AWD with Advance Package  $55,080
 2016 MDX SH-AWD with Advance and Entertainment  Packages  $57,080

The model will be priced at about $44 705, which is a slight increase from the 2015 Acura MDX. The small increase in price though, is well worth the upgrades in features and qualities of the 2016 Acura MDX model. The new model has a 25% faster gear shifts, with more closely spaced gear ratios in the new transmission. The nine-speed automatic transmission, which is hybrid and all-wheel-drive capable system that will truly make the 2016 Acura model the best ride ever in the MDX models. This transmission optimizes the engine’s speed ranges by providing an additional three gears to the usual three gear steps. The new transmission is a fuel saving innovation, thus making the 2016 Acura MDX more economical in fuel consumption. Apart from reduction in fuel consumption, the other major advantage of the new car Acura 2016 MDX’s nine-speed transmission, is its slight reduction in weight from the six-speed unit it replaces. This aspect of the new transmission will greatly help in improving the front-to-rear weight sharing for enhanced handling characteristics.

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The great reliability and convincing resale value of the 2016 MDX model is another key advantage that will definitely keep it on the lead. The interior of the 2016 model is superbly quiet. This calmness is occasioned by the active cancellation system inside the cabin and an active engine mount system which helps in suppressing low frequency vibrations from the powertrain. The model’s windshield and front windows uses a full-on acoustic glass, while thicker, noise insulating glass is used elsewhere.

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2016 Acura MDX model has registered a very high rating in terms of safety. This is due to use of advanced safety features like the Lane Departure Warning (LDW), which is a safety system consisting of a camera and processing software that monitors how close you are to the road markings, and alerts you when you are about to drift across, thus saving you the danger of crashing on other vehicles. The other key safety features of this model include the Forward Collision Warning (FCW), a Wide View Camera and a Blind Spot Information System. To ensure that you stay in your intended lane, the model has a Lane Keeping Assist that will give the steering a proactive, gentle nudge.

The model has a remote engine start, with a 12-speaker ELS audio system, sport seats that are heated and ventilated, and auto-dimming side mirrors. This model will definitely be a convenient choice for families due to its desirable and family-friendly crossover that offers three rows of seating.

In case you are looking for the best taste that MDX has ever offered, this model will give it all to you. The combination of the best features of the preceding MDX models has resulted to this great MDX hybrid that has registered amazingly good rating.

Specifications for 2016 Acura MDX

  • 111.0 in (2820 mm)
  • 193.6 in (4917 mm)
  • 77.2 in (1962 mm)
  • 67.6 in (1716 mm)
Front Track
  • 66.3 in (1684 mm)
Rear Track
  • 66.3 in (1684 mm)
Ground Clearance (unladen)
  • 7.3 in (185 mm)
Angle (approach/ departure/ breakover)
  • 14.9° / 15.2° / 19.4°
Curb Weight
  • 3960 lb (1796 kg): MDX
  • 3964 lb (1798 kg): w/ AcuraWatch Plus
  • 4001 lb (1815 kg): w/ Tech. Pkg.
  • 4004 lb (1816 kg): w/ Tech. & AcuraWatch Pkgs.
  • 4026 lb (1826 kg): w/ Tech. & Ent. Pkgs.
  • 4028 lb (1827 kg): w/ Tech, Ent. & AcuraWatch Pkgs.
  • 4037 lb (1831 kg): w/ Advance Pkg.
  • 4169 lb (1891 kg): w/ Adv. & Ent. Pkgs.
  • 4195 lb (1903 kg): MDX SH-AWD
  • 4200 lb (1905 kg): SH-AWD w/ AcuraWatch Plus
  • 4211 lb (1910 kg): SH-AWD w/ Tech. Pkg.
  • 4213 lb (1911 kg): SH-AWD w/ Tech. & AcuraWatch Pkgs.
  • 4244 lb (1925 kg): SH-AWD w/ Tech. & Ent. Pkgs.
  • 4246 lb (1926 kg): SH-AWD w/ Tech, Ent. & AcuraWatch Pkgs.
  • 4246 lb (1926 kg): SH-AWD w/ Advance Pkg.
  • 4268 lb (1936 kg): SH-AWD w/ Adv. & Ent. Pkgs.
Weight Distribution (% front / rear)
  • 60 / 40: Front-wheel drive
  • 60 / 40: SH-AWD
EPA Passenger Volume
  • 132.3 cu ft
Max. Cargo Volume (SAE)
  • 15.0 cu ft (15.8 cu ft): Behind 3rd row
  • 38.4 cu ft (43.4 cu ft): Behind 2nd row
  • 68.4 cu ft (90.9 cu ft): Behind 1st row
  • 38.1 in (969 mm): Front
  • 38.3 in (973 mm): 2nd Row
  • 35.6 in (904 mm): 3rd Row
  • 41.4 in (1052 mm): Front
  • 36.6 in (930 mm): 2nd Row
  • 27.4 in (696 mm): 3rd Row
  • 59.0 in (1499 mm): Front
  • 57.8 in (1469 mm): 2nd Row
  • 40.6 in (1031 mm): 3rd Row
Shoulder Room
  • 61.1 in (1565 mm): Front
  • 59.1 in (1501 mm): 2nd Row
  • 54.7 in (1390 mm): 3rd Row
Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 19.5 U.S. gallons (73.8 liters)
Maximum Seating Capacity
  • 7

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