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2015 Buick vehicles again are proof that you don’t need an import brand to have quality built into your vehicle. The new car vehicles for Buick are very well appointed, reliable and safety conscious. One example of this is the 2015 Buick Encore.

It comes with many standard features, a very well appointed interior, and gets fine mileage for this upscale SUV. Its turbocharged four-cylinder engine should be fine for most people. Some people may want more power in a vehicle but it sacrifices power for fuel economy which is 2533 mpg city highway. The Encore, like all the other Buick vehicles for 2015 feature a luxurious ride and handle well on the road.

The price of most 2015 Buick vehicles is very competitive with their competition. Because of its emphasis on safety, Buick vehicles are very affordable in terms of insurance rates. As well, with quality materials in their vehicles, you can be assured of a solid built vehicle across the Buick line-up. Try one today.

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